Transportation Industries We Work With



Temperature sensitive freight can be very tricky from a claims perspective. Dillon Risk Management can keep you out of trouble by reviewing your contracts, policies, procedures, coverage and retention levels for your situation.

Loading Truck


As the largest writer of Less than Truckload business in California, Dillon Risk Management has the experience to construct a program designed for the higher frequency – lower severity loss patterns of the LTL trucker. Many of our LTL clients have been with Dillon Risk Management for over a decade.



Dillon Risk Management currently writes the largest Intermodal fleet in California, and has for over a decade. Whether the issue becomes the non-employee driver, port/rail contracts, warehousing/cross docking or pick & pack, we can handle your needs.


Fuel/Oil Haulers

Dillon Risk Management currently insures many of the state’s largest and most successful fuel transporters. While many carriers are concerned over the added severity of the petroleum industry, our carrier partners recognize that these fleets hire the safest drivers in the industry. Let Dillon Risk Management market your fuel business this year.

Transportation - Dry Bulk

Dry Bulk/Pneumatics

Dillon Risk Management writes many of the state’s oldest and most respected dry bulk transportation companies. We understand the nuances of the specialized equipment from all perspectives.


Food Grade

As the writer of many large and established food grade tanker/contract haulers, we understand the risk associated with transporting regulated and sensitive cargo. From corn, to milk, to cans and bottles.



Dillon Risk Management currently writes the largest flatbed hauler in the western United States. From strapping/tarping issues on Workers’ Compensation, to load securement, we understand the industry.


Auto Haulers

Dillon Risk Management has extensive expertise in dealing with the complexities of the auto hauling industry. We will analyze your company’s results and help develop a program tailor made to your needs.



Dillon Risk Management currently insures millions of square feet of warehousing, customs stations and cross dock operations through the United States. From contract negotiations to warehouse legal liability issues, we understand the business challenges you face.



Dillon Risk Management has a very special relationship with the nation’s leading writer of Public Transportation Insurance. Our unique risk management approach, compiled with our specialty products, can greatly impact your company.

Medical Transportation

Medical Transportation

Dillon Risk Management has access to several highly specialized programs, specifically designed for emergency and non-emergency medical transit.



Dillon Risk Management writes many large and complex freight brokers. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you avoid costly lawsuits resulting from many of the common hazards brokerage operations face today.


Freight forwarding/Pick, Pack operations

The highly automated and contract intensive world of pick pack, freight forwarding, and cross docking is something we at Dillon Risk Management understand. Let us look over your program to see if we have better solutions to bring to your company.


Parcel Delivery

Dillon Risk Management understands the complex arrangements between employees and sub-contractors for Contingent Auto, Auto Liability and Workers’ Compensation/Occupational Accident. Let us look over your program to see if we have a solution better suited for your particular needs.

Agricultural Vehicle Harvesting

Agricultural Transportation

Dillon Risk Management understands the particular needs and challenges of the agricultural transportation company. Heavy seasonality poses many challenges not faced by traditional freight haulers. We have crafted procedures and protocol to ensure driver selections, training and implementation to keep our over 2,000+ agricultural trucks profitable.

Firefighters Driving In Truck

Drive Away

Dillon Risk Management has solid partnerships with insurance carriers who not only will tolerate the complexities of drive away, they pursue it. We have many solutions for Liability, Workers’ Compensation, and Physical Damage, which will help you grow and succeed.